Meet Altro

World's Most Secure Smart Lock

Transforming smart to smartest


Craftsmanship you can admire


One-click Access Sharing
Auto Lock/Unlock
Remote Access
Effortless DIY Installation


Tamper proof Design
24x7 Status Monitoring
2x Deadbolt Strength


Connects to all Smart Home Devices
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled
Multiplatform Support

Altro is here to protect your home

Security and reliability aren’t just features of Altro, they are fundamental to its design.

Sharing access to your home with your family and friends has never been easier or safer.

Altro app allows you to generate Virtual Keys with a simple tap, enabling you to share access from anywhere in the world, without the risk of giving away the keys or combinations.

Grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes, or even specific dates and times.

Anytime delete guest access in an instant.

Altro’s unique design makes it Unpickable and Tamper Proof.

Secures your home against Lock picking, Key bumping, Lock snapping, Power replay and Powerline attacks which are used in


home Burglaries.

Rather than relying on security layer provided by Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, Altro uses additional


Cipher layer to provide you with military grade security.

OOB (Out Of Band) Pairing ups the security.

Altro’s RemoteFreeze technology provides protection against stolen devices.

Altro’s Advance Inertial and Acoustic Sense Technology monitors your door


for forced intrusion, opening & closing, Locking, unlocking and instantly sends you priority notifications.

Intelligently identifies a forced entry from an accidental push and eliminates false alarms.

Built-in Case Intrusion-Sensor notifies you if anyone tries to physically tamper with the lock from inside.

Sleek & Elegant Design

Interchangeable Faceplates and metallic bezel will give you best match for your doors and interiors!
Rather than being another blinking piece of hardware, Altro has a minimalistic design to blend in with your home décor.

Intelligence Inside

Altro ups the level of smart convenience with the lightening- fast responses to your commands, while at the same time going easy on the batteries.

Intelligently senses the connectivity status and automatically hops from one Operating Mode to another.

This allows Altro to unlock in under one second 95% of the times.

Connect with your other Smart Home Devices and seamlessly access Altro from multiple platforms

With the goal of driving new era of indoor comfort, we created Altro to work with connected devices such as smart watch, thermostat, lighting, fan, and much more. We are continuously working on expanding our network of custom integration though Altro’s open APIs.

Altro can be accessed securely from Android, IOS devices and platform independent web dashboard.

Meet the Altro App

Simple and intuitive

Simple and easy to use app, for Android and iOS devices, gives you total control over your door.
Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remotely lock and unlock Altro for your guests and family without actually needing to create virtual keys or share any physical keys.

Share unlimited virtual keys of your home with your loved ones without actually duplicating the keys. Grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes, or even specific dates and times. Delete guest access anytime in an instant.

Get notifications of who enters and leaves your home on your Altro App.
Altro monitors your door for any forced intrusions and sends you priority notifications. You can also check all past activity of who entered and left your home in Logs.

Add new Altro smart lock to your home with just a few simple steps.
Configure settings remotely. Altro’s “Firmware Over the air” (FOTA) automatically downloads firmware updates. New features and important security updates will be periodically added without the need of an extra effort.

DIY Installation Made Effortless

No need for a contractor. No special tools. Altro fits on any wooden door in few minutes.

No need to worry about calibration or miss-alignment as Altro is a complete door lock replacement.


Screw latch unit to any wooden door


Screw shrike unit to frame

Minimal Environment Impact


Altro uses most advanced battery technology available today for consumer electronics, Rechargeable Lithium Ion.

Yes the same ones that Tesla uses in their cars!

This eliminates the need for countless alkaline batteries that end up in landfills and in turn pollute the environment.

Altro has metallic construction and is designed to be free of many harmful toxins, including beryllium, BFRs, and PVC.


Altro is designed with one goal in mind– to have a long service life with exceptional performance.

Qualitative and innovative electronics used, work on latest communication standards that make it future-proof.

Altro supports FOTA updates that will ensure it stays updated with latest software and security features.


Almost entirely made from highly recyclable materials such as Aluminum Alloy and Steel, Altro is 80% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Tech Details

* Approximation based on computer simulations


Bluetooth 4.1 for local Operation
802.11b,g,n Wi-Fi for remote operation


Dual 2600 mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries. 10+ months operating time


30 x 86 x 99 mm
1.2 x 3.4 x 3.9 in
360 gm.
0.6 lb.


-20C to 60C
0F to 130F


iOS & Android
Platform independent Web App

Altrosmart Technologies
is a subsidiary of
Ami Internet India Private Limited